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Tucker Carlson Launches Gross and Racist Attack on Yamiche Alcindor’s ‘Grammar’ and Her Response is Everything

Yamiche Alcindor is PBS’s White House correspondent – perhaps the most prestigious beat for one of the most prestigious organizations for a reason. We suggest that you not needlessly insult her because it’s going to hurt. She cracked back on Tucker Carlson for, among other things, “making baseless claims about bad grammar.”

All this moronic sh*t began on Friday night edition of the almost unwatchable Tucker show because of course it did, when Tucker perfectly blew a line from the teleprompter of his own joint and then promised viewers a clip of Alcindor in which he claimed the veteran journalist “admitted that the relentless focus on jailing Donald Trump and his supporters actually helps the media.”

And typical Tucker, the video didn’t even come close to relaying that idea, but did say that prosecuting and jailing Trump could actually make Trump more powerful, which is actually insightful and true in one sense:

So you have President Trump selling this idea that there’s a deep state conspiracy theory against him, that he’s the number one victim in America, so if he gets indicted, if he even goes to jail, he might sell that idea to the millions of people who voted for him, and he might become even more powerful, and that’s what the GOP is really scared about, that’s why you’re seeing not that many people stand up to him.

Carlson responded with a condescending chuckle and called it unbelievable on every level, and then needlessly went after Yamiche:

“A correspondent who can’t speak in a grammatically correct sentence, a, b, the dishonesty of it…”

Tucker needs to STFU, but Yamiche doesn’t need us to protect her:

I know I’m doing something right when @TuckerCarlson is threatened by my reporting and making baseless claims about bad grammar.

As the great Beyoncé said, “Boy bye.”

That left a mark, so some others jumped on to spank it:

It is a little racist because it’s hard to imagine him going after a white woman’s grammar and I’m sure Yamiche would be a billionaire if she got a dollar every time she was called “articulate.”

It was Tucker that was wrong? Our grammar ain’t all perfectly so we never went there.

Nothing wrong with UFOs so long as Tucker can spell UFO right, and we’re not convinced he can.

Y’all get the idea. Don’t go at Yamiche, she’ll get the last word, it’ll be grammatically correct, and you’ll lose your shit.


Peace, y’all
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