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WATCH: Trump Attorney Sydney Powell’s Terrifying Statement: ‘We are Going to Take This Country Back’

We wouldn’t be even slightly scared of Sydney Powell as a litigator for Donald Trump. She has no case, she knows it. Indeed, they are only in on remaining case until they file more cases (which they likely will).

But when Sydney Powell speaks in front of a bank of microphones it is truly terrifying. She can say any damned thing she wants. No judge or election official will determine whether she’s right or wrong (she’s wrong) and thus she works to do nothing but make baseless claims.

They want the MAGAs sure that Trump won the election. They want them absolutely positively sure, such that they are in a rage and will demand that someone does something to reverse this bullshit.

And that is why Sydney Powell stood at a bank of microphones and talked about “not being intimidated by the powerful” (she represents the fcking president who is head of the federal government and that swamp everyone is talking about, yet she’s not going to be intimidated by the big guys), that they are patriots (Democrats cannot be patriots under any circumstance, wrong color usually), and that President Trump won by a landslide and they are going to prove it.

They tried to prove it and couldn’t. But they just make new promises, there are new claims by the day, something about this, or that, or a ballot in Pennsylvania that shows they all did this, and they’ll prove that in court.

Except time is running out for court cases and they know that. The one thing the Supreme Court said in Bush v Gore is that the Electoral College must vote on the date set. This time it’s December 14th. So time is running out for those court cases, and yet they keep getting all this evidence. And Trump won in a landslide.

The MAGAs are in a rage.

What to do? Call their legislator and get him or her to vote to send REAL electors, REAL patriots to Washington. It is happening before our eyes. Ignore the stupid picture of Rudy and watch what is below:

We aren’t the least bit afraid of her in court. But in a press conference, that’s an entirely different matter.


Peace, y’all
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