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Watch Trump Snap and Scream at Reporter, ‘I am the POTUS! Don’t Ever Talk to Your President That Way!’

Trump blew up at a reporter today, evidently feeling the mighty weight of his office bearing down on his shoulders.

A male reporter asked him a question (We will fill in details as they come) and Trump went off on some deranged rant about how one speaks to the president. He chewed the reporter out at near-record levels – and he has quite a record when it comes to saying a reporter is rude, or that’s a terrible question, things we have all seen.

Thing is, there is a protocol about how one speaks to the president, and yet we’ve seen no one violate that protocol yet. What gets Trump angry is when he is faced with a difficult question, a challenging question, or a follow-up question. It is especially bad when asked by a woman. The protocol boils down to one thing a person doesn’t demean the office, no matter the person, and one is polite and asks fair questions.

But one has to question whether that protocol has any meaning at all when the president has called those same members of the press “the enemy” and put them at risk by getting all his MAGA heads furious with the media. Bombs were made and near delivered to various media organizations. It is called stochastic terrorism, meaning that if he says it enough to the right people, someone will do something at some point. How much respect does that deserve?

Yes, that is deranged. That is someone who is breaking down under the pressure. He knows he’s lost. He knows that he will be held liable, that things will come out, and he knows there’s very little he can do about it. He can’t do it anymore and everyone knows it.

More and more like it. We will fill in details as they come in.

UPDATE: According to the New York Times Maggie Haberman, the reporter was Reuters’ Jeff Mason and he was asking about Trump conceding.


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