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WHOA: Bette Midler Drops the Big F-Bomb on Kayleigh McEnany and We Are Loving It

One of the single most insufferable aspects of the Trump administration appeared late in the game after burning through 2 and a half previously intolerable press secretaries. (Stephanie doesn’t fully count since she never actually had a press conference and thus never really was the White House Press Secretary.

Like everything else about Trump’s presidency just when you thought things could not possibly get worse … We endured Sean Spicer and banged our head against the wall every time he spoke. Then Sarah Huckabee-Sanders came along and whenever she spoke it made us want to bang her head against the wall (nicely, because we’re liberal Democrats) because “Huck” made it so ridiculously obvious that she hated everyone who didn’t agree with Trump’s every word that drained from his head hole. And only then did we meet Kayleigh McEnany, known as “K-Mac” around here.

K-Mac truly did bring something unique to the job that surprised us – heretofore thought impossible – in that not only was she as annoying and passive-aggressive as Spicer, not only did she obviously hate the very people to whom she spoke like Huck, but she also took time in every press conference to speak to the press like a furious sixth-grade teacher.

As a 31-32 something-year-old, she let them know that they’d disappointed her, failed to do the reading, failed to live up to expectations, had better get better or things would change and people would pay a price, and made sure she always got the last word by huffing off after a lecture, so sure in her embarrassingly inexperienced self leaving the reporters in the room coming up with new versions of “f’ing ______.”

So we found it wonderful when someone clearly cooler than us – and 99.9% of the rest of the world – let Kayleigh know what she could do with her oh so proud self. Yes, Bette Midler had quite enough and simply said what will surely be heard around the world. Maybe in the next day or two, Bette will sing it, in a tweet. She’s that big a badass:

There you go, K-Mac. It’s not just a high-quality mid-sized website calling you out this time. It is someone that everyone likes. Indeed, we’re willing to “bet” that even you liked her, ’till about ten minutes ago. Now go huff off somewhere.

Well, we feel better.


Peace, y’all
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