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Wife’s Racist and Vulgar Tweets About Kamala Harris Spur Official to Resign, ‘All She Needs…is a Black P*ssy’

The president of a San Francisco bay area school district has stepped down after his wife made vulgar, racist comments about Kamala Harris on Twitter. In her comments, Mehridith Philips Venverloh alleged the only reason Harris is qualified for office is that she’s a black woman.

Jon Venverloh, also a former Google executive resigned Sunday as president of the Las Lomitas Elementary School District in Menlo Park, California, saying he needed to spend more time with his family TheDailyMail reports.

In the tweet her tweet about Vice-President Elect Harris, Mehridith wrote:

“All she needs to be qualified is a black p****! No brain needed!”

She deleted the tweet and the account, but screenshots of the post are being shared on social media. That resulted in angry calls for her husband’s resignation as school board president.

“I stood for election to be a trustee because I care about doing the right thing for ALL of our kids in our District,” Jon Venverloh said in the statement, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. “However, given my wife’s social media posts, which expressed reprehensible views that I do not agree with, I know that my continued service would be a distraction from the work that needs to be done in the District over the two years remaining in my term.”

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Mehridith, a former youth pastor who volunteered for Mothers Together at Menlo Church from 2012 to 2014, works for the Venverloh family trust. She posted an apology on Facebook and blamed the racist post on a change in her medication. That post has apparently been deleted, but according to The Almanac she had this to say:

“Some of you know I suffer from a debilitating neurological disease, and as a result, I take various medications,” she said. “Over the past several days I have been weaning off my meds to prepare for a hospitalization that is scheduled to start tomorrow (Nov. 9). I believe that the change in my medication reduced my judgment between right and wrong when I made the posts. There is no excuse for what I wrote, but I ask for your understanding that my state of mind was far from normal last night.”

Following her apology, Jon Venverloh said: “In this case, I believe she was trying to be humorous and sarcastic and completely missed the mark, possibly because of the situation with the meds. Her remarks are atrocious and unacceptable nonetheless, and she is now devastated, broken, and deeply sorry.”

Las Lomitas Elementary School District has also responded, noting in a statement Monday that staff does not condone “any and all racist statements made by anybody.”

I have no idea whether this woman’s medications caused her to do this, but it’s good that her husband resigned and that she deleted her posts and her accounts. While she may have in most cases not appeared to be racist, quite obviously those tweets reveal latent racism perhaps brought out while she was under duress. There should never be any room for racism, especially at a place where young children are involved. Being under duress is no excuse.

The school board trustees rightly denounced her tweets in a statement, noting they were “abhorrent and …racially-based and gender-based hatred.”

Because that’s exactly what they were.

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