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California Megachurch Pastor Who Eschewed All COVID Regulations Dies Quickly of COVID

We have made a special point to never wish ill upon anyone. We made it clear that we hoped that Trump returned to work quickly once he was diagnosed with COVID and such beliefs remain our firm conviction.

Yet one wonders just how much compassion someone should give to a person who – while dying himself, needlessly exposed hundreds to thousands of others to a fate similar to his. According to the Daily Mail:

A pastor at a California megachurch which continued to hold services throughout the pandemic has died from COVID-19 complications a week after being hospitalized. 

Bob Bryant, 58, a pastor at the Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, fell ill with coronavirus symptoms while on vacation, according to the Daily Bulletin. He tested positive, as did his wife and their son, on November 22. 

Bryant, who had diabetes and high blood pressure, became severely ill and was hospitalized within hours of his diagnosis. He suffered a heart attack and contracted pneumonia before passing away on Monday. 

Tragedy, young man with a wife and son.

So how many other young men and women, all of whom are someone’s son or daughter, sister, brother, father … how many others are these people willing to expose in order to die, or even just get terribly ill?

One fact that doesn’t get enough coverage is that while we can all near quote the death rate daily, there are even more people who have spent weeks in an ICU in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator. How do you think they’re doing with their scarred lungs and new heart trouble? No one talks about them.

This has to stop. This disease can literally be gone from our lives by next summer by the miracle of modern medicine. All it takes is some cooperation among communities because our newly radicalized SCOTUS now says the government can’t regulate anything that has to do with what people call “God” or “religion,” even when they look a lot more like concert productions, with far more money.


Peace, y’all
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