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Proud Boys to Dress Like Biden Supporters and Cause ‘Chaos’ at Biden’s Inauguration

Trump will leave office giving this country many gifts. He will have left – at this pace – over 350,000 dead, possibly closer to 400,000 – a breathtaking legacy for a presidency, more dead than fought in many wars. He will have left with the Ruskies breaking into computers that run our nuclear weapons program, per reports, along with damn near every other government function. And he will leave with a movement of supporters that have always wanted to be violent for the Right-Wing, they just needed a leader.

Trump was proud to be that leader. Trump’s racism and brash “white man first” agenda appealed to the fringe Right-Wing that didn’t care that Trump gave away billions to corporate America and the rich. They were happy to get their racism and “real America” back.

Now they’re angry that they’re losing their leader. According to Rawstory:

“Members of the Proud Boys are reportedly plotting to disguise themselves as Joe Biden fans to wreak havoc during the presidential inauguration,” The Sun reported. “The Trojan Horse-style plot was revealed on InfoWars alum Joe Biggs’ YouTube channel — on which the right-wing militants were ordered to ‘kick off this presidency with f*cking fireworks.’

It is highly doubtful that the real media would fall for this “Trojan Horse,” but it is very possible that Fox and OAN will purposefully conclude it has to be Biden supporters. In the end it doesn’t matter, eventually it will become obvious the Proud Boys are the culprits because they’ll likely do this again. Someone is going to get killed.

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio explained the plot during a November 20th episode of Biggs’ YouTube.

“Revolt motherf***ers,” Tarrio instructed. “Do whatever you got to do to f*cking get your tickets.”

“You show up there in Biden gear and you turn his inauguration into a f*cking circus, a sign of resistance, a sign of revolution,” he urged.

Sounds like the good family man that Fundamentalist Conservatives love, doesn’t it? No, of course not. But dictatorial father figures that love to stoke racist agendas bring together strange bedfellows.

Peace, y’all
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