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Some Think Trump Won’t Get Vaccine Live Because He Doesn’t Want to Show His Flabby, Mottled Upper Arm

Please have no doubt that we well-know that the issues of the day are the terrifying Russian hack and control of this country and the fact that our hospital system is falling down while thousands die per day. We know and we’ve covered it.

But we also want to note something that is perhaps a little more important than at first glance. There is a Twitter theory among some people that might know, that Trump won’t get the vaccine on TV because he would have to show his fat and flabby arm and lower shoulder.

This is one time that we will not knock the physique of a man who blasts others’ bodies and abuses some. That part isn’t important. What is important is that we have a man that 30% of this country worships and thinks of as a “dear leader” type. These people are also some of the ones that are most opposed to taking a vaccine. They are almost inherently conspiracy-minded, to the point that some believe that Bill Gates wants a chip in them, which is so ridiculous that one wants to throw a bucket of water over them. Everyone knows it’s Zuckerberg that wants the chip.

To be serious, he has a following that could be motivated to take the vaccine if they saw their leader take it. It doesn’t matter that every single other president will take it including Jimmy Carter, the MAGAs want to see if Trump takes it. So Trump could, once again, save lives.

Except those are just “others'” lives and so who cares? It could be Trump’s attitude. He might be so caught up in himself, he simply cannot even see that his vanity will cost lives. It is not a proven fact, but it sure sounds like the Trump we have come to know and loathe. Because he’s a little fearful baby, he may cause other people to die, again:

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