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Angry and Bitter Trump Vows that He Will NEVER Say that Biden ‘Won’ the Election

It is hard to imagine how awful it must be to work in the White House this last week of Trump’s presidency, most people would probably prefer a meatpacking plant, at least there would be others with whom one could talk. The White House is practically empty, according to a new article in The Daily Beast, even compared to the emptiness that existed just a week ago. People spend their time trying to avoid Trump while also trying to keep him away from any means to communicate and make things worse.

The article says that Trump’s focus is on pressuring GOP senators to vote not guilty and vowing revenge if they do. Other than that, the scene is that of an old man wandering around muttering about Dominion and all those other elements that were so unfair to him. Nothing ever went wrong in his life that wasn’t totally unfair.

 Trump is still going on and on behind closed doors about Dominion voting machine conspiracy theories and how he won in a landslide and therefore Biden is an illegitimate president. (None of the president’s claims there are true.)

The president has also said that he’ll now make the polite-sounding public statements that his staff has drafted for him about a “smooth” transfer of power, but has repeatedly—sometimes unprompted—ruled out making any statements that Biden won, emphasizing that he will “never” admit such a thing. Biden’s decisive 2020 victory is “bullshit,” Trump has added, that “everyone” knows is a fiction.

One of the many symptoms that Trump remains a con man, and forever will, is the continued use of conman language, not only is his version of the truth always “the truth,” but he always has to tag it with “in a landslide” because it’s not good enough for him to simply win, and saying “everyone knows” that he won. Classic con, telling you what you think.

We cannot think of a more fitting end.

Trump got into the race to improve his brand. Through an improbable sequence of events he actually got elected even though he didn’t want the job. He jumped from one scandal to another, one employee after another, one failure after another (except the SCOTUS seats which he had nothing to do with, he was given a list, he picked a name), he oversaw one disaster after another, including the biggest disaster of all since 9-11. And so now he leaves the White House alone, with the worst presidential “brand” in history.

His properties cannot possibly worth half of their value just two years ago. He will face personal bankruptcy and any doubts that he might have skated prosecution given his “ex-president” status went up in tear gas last Wednesday. One has to think that he regrets ever running in the first place, given all he’s lost. But then again, maybe it wasn’t his choice. We will soon find out.

But through all of it, he will never say that Biden won.


Peace, y’all
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