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Anthony Scaramucci Calls for Trump’s Arrest: ‘They are Planning Another Attack’

Anthony Scaramucci says that Donald Trump and his enablers are planning another attack and that Trump needs to be arrested.

On the one hand, Anthony Scaramucci isn’t providing any proof of anything. On the other, he would be in a decent position to know whether there is continuing danger afoot beyond that which we already know. We know through prior reporting that the staff at the White House is enraged at the entire Trump clan. People that didn’t talk before might well be talking now. Who might they talk to? People like Scaramucci.

Mooch didn’t say what it is that might be planned but that’s just on Twitter. We don’t know who he might’ve called or if he called anyone.

Moreover, is there a reason that we should assume that Trump is not planning another attack? We should assume nothing about Trump. He is especially wounded this weekend because he doesn’t have Twitter on which to unleash his fury.

Yesterday, in our early morning report, we wrote that it felt like there was far too little urgency in the air about getting Trump out of that office and we believe it just as strongly today. We are not alone in this fear. Yesterday evening, Bill Kristol said in The Bulwark:

But even leaving aside the question of impeachment, this is the Congress of the United States. The Article I branch of the Constitution. The people’s representatives. The Article II branch, the executive, is coming apart, with an unstable person still in charge. Might it not be a good idea for Congress to be on the job?

Yes, in part merely for symbolic reasons. But also to oversee, to regulate, to examine, even possibly to pass legislation relevant to what’s going on? Might committee hearings not be useful? If one discovered the president had called a state elections inspector and tried to pressure him to tinker with the results, might it not be useful to call him before a committee to testify? And to at least try to interrogate the White House chief of staff and all others involved?

There have been an increasing number of reports stating that the rioters had help, that it was an “inside job,” and that the Capitol security was intentionally lax. Help from Maryland was turned away. Pence called Trump to beg for help, Trump responded by asking why he should respond, that these were people who supported him. The fact that this seems to involve forces beyond rioters needs to be addressed now, not next week.

These people are perfectly capable of something even worse:

And many agreed.

And who says it has to be confined to Washington DC? There is no doubt that the Trumpists are desperate.

We don’t know how much is real and how much is noise. But if there’s a 10% chance this stuff is real, then it needs to be definitively addressed. We think it’s far more like 50-50. Congress should be in session right now, holding hearings on what happened, getting evidence out that makes it hard to attack.

We hope we’re very wrong and alarmist. We hope people say that we overreacted. We will be the first to admit we were wrong and glad we overreacted. But we’re sick of people not reacting strongly enough. This weekend feels like a surreal underreaction.


Peace, y’all
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