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Cancel Culture? Lauren Boebert Sued for Blocking Anyone Criticizing Her on Twitter

Irony is back like the new black after Trump burned it at the stake and scattered its ashes into the sea. Like Godzilla, it’s rising out of the waters to seek out the hypocrisy on the right.

Ever since social media banned Trump, the Republicans have acted like the only issue this nation faces is “cancel culture” and they are the ultimate victims. We feel compelled to point out to them that no one has “canceled” Sean Hannity on Twitter. No one has canceled Mark Levine, Laura Ingraham, etc. etc. and so it cannot be “conservatism” that is being canceled. It must be something else. Puzzling.

Meanwhile, one of the most dangerous new wingnuts on the scene, Lauren Boebert – who may have her freedom canceled at some point if the investigations turn up evidence that she was working in cooperation with the insurrectionists, is busy doing some canceling herself. Boebert, who has been a representative for all of two weeks now, has a habit of blocking anyone who criticizes her on Twitter. In other words, she cancels voices she doesn’t like.

Except there is precedent that politicians can’t do that. Constituents have a free speech right to speak back to a politician. Trump faced the same issue and lost. Therefore at least one circuit has already ruled that a politician cannot do this. From the New York Times in July of 2019, which feels like 30 years ago:

Because Mr. Trump uses Twitter to conduct government business, he cannot exclude some Americans from reading his posts — and engaging in conversations in the replies to them — because he does not like their views, a three-judge panel on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York, ruled unanimously.

So Boebert is going to go through some things. Taste the irony in the lawsuit that has been filed against her:

According to Lane, Boebert “apparently believes that the Constitution begins and ends with the Second Amendment. Despite her incessant whining about the alt-right being censored on social media, she has a Twitter account and she routinely blocks anyone critical of her authoritarian views.”

“Our client, Brianna Buentello, is a former elected state legislator who lives in Boebert’s district and is very concerned that Boebert has no knowledge of, nor concern with, the United States Constitution beyond the notion that somehow everyone can carry guns anywhere they so desire. Boebert has blocked Buentello, along with many other people, who are critical of her authoritarian politics.”

We could have summed all that up in just two sentences. “You cannot cancel voices you don’t like. Spend more time worrying that society doesn’t cancel you altogether.”

Oh, irony is alive and it loves the taste of Republican hypocrisy.

Peace, y’all
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