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Devin Nunes Cries That ‘Republicans Have No Way to Communicate’ on Live TV

Devin Nunes is now arguing absurdities, oblivious to the reality around him, to say that Republicans no longer have a means to communicate.

One of America’s most recent Medal of Freedom award winners is upset that corporate America is silencing Republicans. Nunes is angry that people who lie to incite mobs are deprived of their favorite places to lie and incite mobs. Their victim-complex and their lack of shame or care about democracy lead them to think that Trump got his Twitter account pulled because he’s Donald Trump or a conservative.

Twitter confirmed that Rush Limbaugh had a Twitter account and deactivated it, not them. Thus it is that up until a few days ago, Rush Limbaugh had a Twitter account. Devin Nunes still has an active Twitter account, one that he hasn’t used since December 8th – it cannot be critical to communicate. Mike Pence has an active Twitter account, CPAC still has its Twitter account, Don Jr. still has his …

And they are also free to go and start their own platform. As we used to say when we were kids, “It’s a free country.” But Devin believes that America has silenced the “conservatives” when really, America didn’t silence anyone. American tech booted Trump and a few other dangerous Trumpers around him out the door and slammed it shut. There is an obvious and critical difference.

But, of course, it takes the type of man who would sue an internet cow to appear on national television, indeed the conservatives’ favorite cable station on one of its most watched shows, to communicate that Republicans don’t have a way to communicate anymore!

Perhaps Nunes should go to Officer Brian Sicknick’s funeral and complain to Sicknick’s family that Republicans no longer have the means to communicate. If he does it now, they’ll likely hang up, having seen him on television.

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