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Don Jr. Says He Knows Fascism When He Sees It, and the Real Fascists are…Twitter

If only Trump cared as much about COVID or facilitating a good transfer of power as much as he cared about the Twitter matter. But that was never destined to happen.

Trump ran for president in order to be the center of attention, the guy that lived in the big White House, the guy everyone called “sir,” the helicopter, Air Force One, all that. He also dearly loved being able to reach 81 million people, making his followers happy and enraging the cultural elite, that group in which always wanted to belong, wanted their acceptance, but never received.

But now the presidency is over and he knows it. His last-ditch felonious attempt to topple the government in the face of his loss didn’t work but will work to ensure he’s remembered as an enemy of the United States. But going into the future, he wanted the chance to milk money into a PAC with the promise of a 2024 run, probably even have a few rallies – he loves those!

But how is he going to do any of it without his only means to communicate? Admit it, it’s almost impossible to conceive of political life without Trump on Twitter. There’s never been a better match between mouth and megaphone. So that’s an outrage to him and all we need to do to get a sense of his anger and loss is read the statements made by those around him.

They believe all this is just so unfair. They don’t want to talk about the fact that Trump used Twitter to urge his hordes to storm the Capitol. They don’t want to talk about Trump’s instruction to fight harder while taking the Capitol, the very definition of fascism. Sending violent mobs to retake the government without regard for the election is fascism.

But the Trumps think they know fascism when they see it. Fascism is when Twitter, a private company says enough, that they’re tired of the danger he poses to the nation. No one is more willing to say it than Don Jr.

Do they think it has anything to do with the fact that Trump started using any Twitter account available as a proxy? Do they think that the fact that “Students for Trump” helped with logistics into the riot might play a role? Do they think that Trump may be the one to blame?


They are going to blame those people who don’t owe them anything, a private company that said they’re done with this. Fascism rises out of private companies if you listen to these folks even if they have that backassward.


Peace, y’all
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