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Florida Locals Do Not Want Don Jr. and Mistress Kimberly as Neighbors

That tired cliche “like father, like son” is appropriate here. Why is that, you ask? Because Donald Trump Jr. and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle are planning to buy two luxurious homes in a tony gated community in Jupiter, Florida, and the residents there, just like Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago neighbors, are not happy about this.

The couple has their sights set on a pair of waterfront homes in Admiral’s Cove, and when local residents found out they were planning to settle there, at least 30 people contacted Peter Moore, the general manager of the property owners association, The Palm Beach Post reports.

Their concerns are pretty much what you might expect and are weighted by worries stemming from riots at the Capitol earlier this month.

“About half have concerns about safety,” Moore said. “The others have political concerns with what’s happened in the last couple of weeks.”

But another resident brought up accusations of Guilfoyle’s improper behavior while she worked at Fox News and also cited reports that Donald Trump Jr. is under criminal investigation for inciting the siege of the Capitol building.

“There are news reports detailing improper behavior by Ms. Guilfoyle while employed at Fox News and news reports of possible criminal investigations of Donald Trump Jr.” one resident noted in a message to the board.

Another resident wrote that if the couple moved into the area, dissension would result.

“I believe their membership would bring undesirable notoriety to the club, harm our reputation and have the potential for creating disharmony,” that person wrote.

In another email thread shared among residents over the weekend, several criticized the couple’s move into the community. One person characterized the couple’s moving into the neighborhood as “a nightmare.”

But the Post notes that not everyone feels this way.

One Admiral’s Cove resident, Terri Ameen said she doesn’t like the efforts going forward to block the couple from owning a home there.

“We don’t want this to be a community that makes those kinds of judgments,” she said. “I don’t see a problem. We have to be more accepting.”

That’s hilarious. This well-heeled Karen talking about being “more accepting” while living in a community where poor people, especially those of color, will never be allowed and never even be able to dream of living in. These are people who do not understand the meaning of the word “accepting,” nor do they care to.

Dear old former president dad is also being challenged by his Palm Beach neighbors who are not happy about his return to Mar-a-Lago. In December, residents sent letters to town officials regarding just that. They understandably do not want Donald or Melania Trump and son Barron to reside permanently at the club. They cited legal and security concerns and their dislike of the former president as reasons why they do not want him there.

“Neighbors of Mar-a-Lago, have a message for the outgoing commander-in-chief: We don’t want you to be our neighbor and break our laws,” the letter from a group of anonymous locals calling themselves the Palm Beach Committee begins. “We do not (want) Proud Boys, Skin Heads, Neo-Nazi Crazies visiting Trump proposed PB residence. We hope you agree!”

Trump Jr. and Guilfoyle have set their sights on a seven-bedroom, 12-bathroom home at 492 Mariner Drive. That home is listed for $11 million and it features a chef’s kitchen, wine room, theater, and guest wings. It sits on 300 square feet of water frontage and can accommodate an 85-foot boat and the home itself is 16,977 square feet.

Guilfoyle is also planning to purchase the neighboring house at 494 Mariner Drive. It’s a mere 11,270 square feet and is listed at $9.5 million. Oh, and it has six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

I can’t blame people who don’t wish to share space with the Trump family; those who want nothing to do with the violent supporters who stormed the Capitol. The funny thing is, Donald Trump himself wants nothing to do with them either but they are too foolish and ignorant to understand this.

But ain’t that just like a Trump supporter?

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