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Is GOP Rep. Pete Sessions a Co-Conspirator to the Riots? His Deleted Tweets Suggest Yes

If one listens to various Democratic members of the House, there is a palpable concern, indeed fear, among the caucus that the enemy lies within. They believe reports – indeed some might know of the contents of reports – that various GOP representatives gave tours to the rioters in the days before the insurrection on January 6th in order to aid and expedite the insurrection. In other words, they were co-conspirators who engaged in sedition against the United States in the hope it would work.

Now reports are out that Waco, Texas GOP Representative Pete Sessions may have been one of those members. According to the Dallas Morning News, Sessions gave a tour on Monday, January 3rd to Trump supporters whom he encouraged to “fight harder.” Sessions tweeted about it, but then on January 7th, he mysteriously deleted the tweet about fight harder and stop the steal.

The tweet read (from the Dallas Morning News):

“Had a great meeting today with folks from ‘Stop the Steal’ at our nation’s Capitol. I encouraged them to keep fighting and assured them I look forward to doing MY duty on January 6th,” the Jan. 3 tweet said. Sessions also used the hashtags #StopTheSteal and #legalvotescount.

One can rightfully ask what it is that these “tour members” from Stop the Steal could do to “fight harder” – which is a slogan that Trump used over and over, including that Monday night from Georgia, as well as his speech on the morning of January 6th, saying that they couldn’t do it “with weakness” only “strength.”

Why delete the tweet? If it was nothing more than giving a tour to dedicated upstanding citizens, why delete the tweet? By Thursday there was already talk about an investigation into “inside help,” the very day he deleted the tweet.

Yes, by the way. Sessions was one of the congressmen who objected to the Electoral College Votes:

Sessions objected to the Electoral College votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania when Congress resumed certifying Joe Biden’s victory. The first attempt was interrupted by the insurrection.

This is by no means proof. But it should put Sessions on the radar screen for further questions. He certainly fits the type and there’s a reason that he deleted the tweet.


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