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Ivanka Does It AGAIN: Twitter Thread Glorifying Trump AND Ivanka, Ignoring the Horror, Enraging Americans

It is true that people with political ambitions must focus on self-perceived successes, especially when trying to rehabilitate a significant “negative,” or in Ivanka’s case, her strong association with the most corrupt, seditious, and fascist regime in American history. She is the daughter of the worst president ever. So, yes, she has a lot of rehabilitating to do in order to keep her obvious and shameful political ambition alive. (It’s dead.)

But part of rehabbing one’s image is knowing when to begin the attempt. From time to time, things happen that so damage the nation’s psyche and stability that the only thing to do is shut one’s mouth, hide for a bit, and give it some time while people heal and emotions cool.

Ivanka doesn’t get it.

Like any Trump, she wants what she wants now, self-gratification in the moment. She believes she can do it through sheer force of will, or sexuality, or both. We do not judge women by how they look any more than we do men, but it is obvious to us that Ivanka doesn’t possess a single political gift other than being the pretty blonde that MAGA men seem to crave – as judged by the Fox News line-up and Trump’s favorite press secretary. What the hell else does she have to offer conservatives? Intellect? Empathy? Experience? She doesn’t have any qualifications beyond being the pretty Trump.

She must believe that her gift can overcome some of the events that have terrorized this nation, all of them traced directly back to her family and her family’s ambition. Unlike Junior, Ivanka did work in the White House, her husband was the most trusted adviser. A whole shitload of this pain, this danger, this division, is on her.

None of that matters. Ask her. She’s happy to tell you about what matters. Top to bottom to save space:

So pretty! Look at the pictures! Notice that her tweets begin by praising her father, and yet Ivanka is in every single picture, not Trump. By the end of the tweet thread, it is about what “we” (meaning “she”) did. She is smiling pretty in every picture. This is about Ivanka and only Ivanka. She knows her father is poison, she doesn’t know that she is, too.

No one was impressed:

No, and that’s the point. Sometimes one demonstrates their political skill by knowing when to speak, when not to speak, and what to say when one speaks. This would be a time for Ivanka to be completely silent. If she simply must say something, say something humble, say something sad, say something human. Do NOT puff your chest and brag, we don’t want to hear it.

Of course, she’s a Trump. She doesn’t know any other way. And that’s why all this is for not. She will never hold office, no matter how pretty the pictures.


Peace, y’all
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