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Jim Jordan and Judge Jeanine Say Twitter’s ‘Cancel Culture’ is the ‘Most Dangerous Issue’ Right Now

If we sound like a parrot that has learned two sentences and repeats them constantly, we apologize. But it cannot be said enough. There is no “right” to tweet. Twitter is a private corporation and it can boot anyone it wants so long as it’s not based on race, sexual orientation, or some other protected class under the Civil Rights Act. Other than that, Twitter is no more obligated to provide service to every single conservative voice than is Fox News obligated to invite a liberal voice for every conservative on the air.

It is no different. Just like Fox has no constitutional obligation to invite Democrats to provide their side of the story, Twitter has no obligation to provide a platform for anyone, even if they always have provided plenty of room for conservatives. They only kick off people who violate the rules, never based on political beliefs. Perhaps the conservative elite should be more upset with the conservatives who insist upon pushing the envelope, breaking rules, and getting kicked off. Of course, we’re well aware of the fact that this is all about doing Trump’s bidding. Trump desperately wants back on Twitter.

Were that our only problem.

This country will soon pass 400,000 deaths due to COVID. We are losing 4,000 a day and the vaccine is going out at a snail’s pace because no one in the administration cares. We are in the midst of a cold civil war that erupted into a hot war recently and threatens to do so again in the next week. Our economy is hanging precariously off a cliff. We have lost the world’s respect. Russia hacked just about every non-intel agency computer, North Korea has more nukes than when Trump took office and China is stronger economically and militarily.

But through all of that, Gym Jordan and Judge Jeanine know the real problem. It is “cancel culture” on social media, which, translated out of MAGA, means “Conservatives being held to the rules.”

That is actually disgusting. How self-absorbed and entitled can two people and a party act? They are always the victim, even when they have to say something absurdly stupid to make their case and even when it grossly insults the citizens in this country that know damn well we face real dangers.

Peace, y’all
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