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Kayleigh McEnany Has Left the Building — Will Not Be Returning to the West Wing for Final Week

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was seen packing up her belongings at the White House on Friday night, as President-Elect Joe Biden’s team prepares to take up their roles next week. Thank GOD.

Though McEnany has left the West Wing, she will continue working in her official capacity as press secretary from her home in Tampa until Wednesday. She will also continue to get her taxpayer-paid salary because they grift until the very end.

McEnany took over the role in the Trump administration in April. Her predecessor, Stephanie Grisham, served in the post for nine months during which she did not conduct a single press briefing.

Sean Spicer was the administration’s first press secretary stepping down after seven months in July of 2017. He was followed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders who served in the role the longest –nearly two years — before leaving the White House in June of 2019.

McEnany has long been one of Trump’s most ardent defenders, appearing frequently on cable news during the 2016 campaign to rebut criticism of the candidate. She eventually joined him in the White House.

Several administration officials have not only left their posts but resigned in the wake of the riots last week in which Trump supporters overran the Capitol.

It’s fair to say, Twitter isn’t going to miss her:

And in case you forgot just how bad Kayleigh was, here you go:


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