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Kayleigh McEnany Looks ‘Completely Different’ After Capitol Siege and People Have Questions

A lot of photos are circulating on social media concerning press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and how she looks considerably different following the siege on the Capitol last week.

Our blonde and bubbly Kayleigh looks ROUGH, to be honest. And I’m a woman, I’m not hating, we have all had those days. But Kayleigh is a woman who always looks perfect. She’s a beautiful woman, and she always has the hair, the tan the perfect makeup, the perfect dress, etc.

Kayleigh spoke briefly on Thursday after Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol, costing the lives of five people, including a police officer. She said the Trump administration condemned the mob’s violence “in the strongest possible terms”.

The comments were widely criticized and came after Trump said he “loved” the rioters, calling them “very special”. Kayleigh spoke for barely two minutes and did not take questions from reporters at the press briefing.

But it was her appearance that has sparked new attention online, with the usually glamorous and unflappable spokeswoman looking “completely different”.

A number of people on social media began suspecting her hair, makeup and fake tan team had quit following the riot. A number of others suggested she’d been “crying for days”.

Numerous commenters took issue with Kayleigh’s appearance being discussed at all, saying there were “plenty of other more important things to critique about her than this”. Which yeah, is fair.

But others felt her looks were fair game.

“I’m not saying she looks uglier or doesn’t, but she looks completely different, which is funny,” one woman said.

“That’s the face of a lady who has been sobbing for hours and has to pull herself together to appear in public for approximately 60 seconds,” another said.

Take a look:


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