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Melania Pays Tribute to MAGA Rioters Who Lost Their Lives BEFORE Paying Tribute to the Two Capitol Policemen Who Lost Theirs

We already reported on Melania’s shockingly self-absorbed statement in which she breaks her silence about the riots held last Wednesday, only to swiftly veer off and make it about her again, to make herself the victim, again, while also chastising the media again … It was so “Peak-Melania” that we overlooked a key detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Indeed, it deserves its own story because it is one of the few statements of any type to come out of the White House and it sheds a lot of light on where the White House stands with respect to the rioters.

Melania extended her “heart” out to all the victims, as noted by USA Today:

She said her “heart goes out to” both the Capitol Police officers and the pro-Trump rioters who lost their lives at or following the riot: “Ashli BabbitBenjamin Philips, Kevin GreesonRosanne Boyland, and Capitol Police Officers, Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood.

We know the name Ashli Babbit because she was the first victim and the right quickly tried to make her a martyr. We don’t know the names of the other rioters who passed of medical causes that day. Yet Melania and White House do know the names and the White House listed the rioters’ names, all of them, and then the Capitol Police Officers in that order.

We don’t want to make too big a deal out of the order used but this is a White House statement that extends their sympathies to the people that willingly joined the riot in a manner that our friends at Meidas Touch say is, “akin to extending your heart out to the hijackers on 9-11.”

But that is the point, isn’t it? In the Trump camp, those people are not hijackers or rioters, they are “good people” who were trying to do a good thing. They are victims, too, even if Ashli Babbit was trying to break into the House and Senate to possibly hurt politicians (or worse). Trump cannot cross them and neither will Melania. They hold people like Ashli Babbit with as much regard as they do Officer Sicknick. As Trump said while it was all happening, “But those people support me!”

We have always said that Trump sees the world in black and white. If you support him and can help him, you are a good person without regard for what you’re actually doing. That’s it, that’s Trump’s measure. “Does this person support me? Can this person be useful to me?” If the answer is yes, that’s a good person, even if that person is in the Capitol to overthrow the U.S. government and perhaps kidnap Pence and Pelosi (or worse).

It really is that simple and Melania’s seemingly simple White House statement says it all.

Peace, y’all
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