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Poor Rudy, the Trump Years Have Not Been Kind: He Can Barely Walk, and Why is He Walking Into the White House?

There are some who will tell you that Rudy Giuliani was always a bit of a con himself and was never “all that,” certainly not what he was built up to be.

Still, let’s be fair. He was head of the most important U.S. Attorney’s Office in the nation and that doesn’t happen by accident. He then ran for mayor of the most sophisticated and complex city on earth and won. During the city’s biggest crisis he at least played the role of the very competent mayor (true or not) and instilled a great deal of confidence when the city needed it most.

Has anyone ever fallen so far?

The Trump years have not been kind to Rudy. One has to believe that Trump would ride anyone down over four years, especially given what Rudy was asked to do, travel the world doing the indefensible. We don’t make fun of the elderly, ever. And we don’t want Rudy to be so worn down that he suffers the “long-hauler” impact from having had COVID, but he doesn’t look well, at all. He can barely walk, and we’re a bit concerned that he’s walking to the White House at all. (Below for more)

The worrisome question is why Rudy is showing up at the White House at all, on a Saturday just five days before the end of the term? We saw Linn Wood (aka “My Pillow Guy”) enter the White House yesterday, carrying notes about martial law and China – insane stuff. Nothing good ever happens when Rudy’s involved with Trump. Additionally, a lot of the remaining major players showed up today, while Pence was in California. If Trump is going to make one last splash, one last crazy act, it would happen tomorrow or Monday and please forgive us if we’re a bit concerned. You know that Pence would want nothing to do with it and you know they don’t want Pence having anything to do with it. Again, forgive us. We hope we’re paranoid at this point.

These next five days cannot fly by fast enough.

Peace, y’all
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