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QAnon Believers are Starting to Figure Out That They Were Duped and…It’s Not Pretty

Have no doubt that we are well aware that today is 98% devoted to gratitude, relief, excitement, some mourning, and commitment to the future. Unfortunately, we know that we better spare 2% to keep a wary eye on hardcore Trump supporters. They are not going anywhere and we were forced to see what they’re willing to do.

But, to that end, it can be a little fun – and somewhat healthy – to see a dawning awareness in some of them. Perhaps, just perhaps, some of them are capable of healing, even if it is in an unintentionally funny way.

The MAGA movement began as an allegiance to one man and all he stood for, the anger, racism, misogyny, and desire to rule over their opponents. But a weird thing happened as the term moved along. The MAGA movement itself became sucked into ever more shocking and ridiculous conspiracy theories.

In the end, it seemed like the MAGA movement included the Qanon movement and vice-versa.

That is more than a little weird. After all, the longer it went on, the more deadlines and theories proved to be ridiculously fake. We aren’t experts in what all the Qanon folks believed. But we do specifically recall that one of the articles of faith in the movement was that Robert Mueller was secretly working for Donald Trump by investigating the Clintons, Obamas, the deep state, and Democrats in general. It was all going to explode in arrests everywhere for some of the worst crimes conceivable. Hillary and Obama were going to be locked up, for reals!

Somehow, that didn’t exactly happen. Robert Mueller practically indicted Trump for obstruction of justice and did prove that Russians were involved in manipulating our election. One would think the real Mueller investigation would shatter the Qanon movement. But as most know, nothing can shatter a cultish conspiracy. They moved on and believed crazier stuff, including the belief that Trump always had something up his sleeve because he was infallible, never made a mistake.

Apparently, some thought it would happen right up until this morning when Trump actually said goodbye and flew off in a petulant, angry, and jealous mood. At that point, for some, it definitely shattered. We admit it’s a little bit enjoyable to watch.

At least this woman below says she feels a little “silly” for believing it. Good. Because she sounds more “silly” than anyone could describe. There is no word for the “silliness” seen here.

Refreshed? A little.

As President Biden said today, “we” can do this, “if” we are willing to stand together. But none of us can do it until they get the hell over themselves. It appears that one is starting to and we will give her a sliver of credit.

One more, out the door? Sure!



Peace, y’all
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