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Republican Hate Pastor Thinks God Made Trump Lose Because He Wasn’t Homophobic Enough

Prior to Donald Trump losing the election to President Joe Biden, there was a raft of religious fools who claimed God wanted Trump to win, that Satan would commit all kinds of mayhem if he didn’t. Many, like E.W. Jackson [1] are rabidly homophobic.

But now that God has apparently decided he didn’t want Trump to win, these people haven’t gone away and some, like “pundit” Scott Lively, are just as homophobic as ever. He’s an anti-LGBTQ activist of the worst stripe.

And unsurprisingly, Lively is saying Trump lost the election because God was punishing him for being too pro-Gay, The New Civil Rights Movement [2] reports.

“Why if Donald Trump was, as I believe, God’s man in the White House for four years, why did God not preserve it?” Lively wanted to know. “Because if God had given him favor, nothing that mankind could have done could have removed him from that office.”

Lively founded the California chapter of the American Family Association, long designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center [3] and is well-known for his anti-LGBTQ campaigns in such repressive places as Uganda, Latvia, and Russia, as well as equally repressive parts of the U.S. He’s also co-author of The Pink Swastika, which absurdly claims “homosexuals [are] the true inventors of Nazism and the guiding force behind many Nazi atrocities.”

In a weekend appearance on the Swamp Rangers radio program, Lively proclaimed his ardent support for Trump and said the former president was good on every issue “except on the homosexual issue, which I think is his biggest mistake.”

This, he said is “the reason he lost the election,” Lively asserted, according to Right Wing Watch. [4] “He defied God on a fundamental tenet of the Bible and never repented of it.”

“And yet the one thing that he did during that time that would virtually guarantee God’s favor being removed was to put his own personal stamp of approval on behavior that God condemns in the harshest possible terms in the Bible , which is specifically male homosexuality. Homosexuality generally, but the condemnation is specific to male homosexuality.”

I’ve never completely been able to understand why evangelicals and other conservative Christians like Lively are so obsessed with people’s sexual orientations and their sex lives. It’s a mystery to me. The Human Rights Campaign [5] gives an incisive overview regarding what the Bible says on homosexuality and it’s safe to say that people like Lively are really off the deep-end on this.

Lively either ignores or doesn’t understand the fact that the Trump administration steadily rolled back rights the LGBTQ fought to gain and firmly stood in the way of any progression towards these rights. Instead, he focuses on Trump’s appointment of Richard Grenell as the U.S. Ambassador to Germany. Grenell later served as acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) for two months. Grenell is openly gay and was involved with GOP’s LGBTQ outreach in 2020.

As minor as that was, it was apparently too much for Lively.

“Trump fully endorsed and backed and applauded Grenell,” Lively said, adding that while he liked Grenell’s “loyalty” nevertheless, Grenell “was an outspoken advocate for the central doctrine of the progressive movement, which is queer theory.”

There are some rather creepy aspects to this nutter. He’s actively worked with anti-LGBTQ activists in Uganda and other countries. He was sued by the Center for Constitutional Rights on behalf of LGBTQ Ugandans in 2012 because he worked as a proponent for the death penalty for homosexuality in this country, to the point of telling Uganda’s parliament that homosexuality is a “disease” that Western society is attempting to inflict on the world’s children.

“They’re looking for other people to be able to prey upon,” Lively said. “When they see a child that’s from a broken home it’s like they have a flashing neon sign over their head.”

Unfortunately, the lawsuit for crimes against humanity was dismissed due to technical reasons, but here’s what’s even worse: This horrible man ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2014 and in 2018 (in the Republican Primary in 2018), and while he lost both times, the scary part is that he got 36 percent of the vote in the Primary.

I’m including a clip of Lively’s lunacy-filled commentary below. He’s a scary dude and I hope people forget about him soon.