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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Humiliated by AOC After Whining About Losing Followers Just Days After Insurrection

This last week was tragic. There was death and destruction at the Capitol, to the Capitol, and democracy itself took one of the biggest blows. The people that waved around “Blue Lives Matter” flags dragged an officer from the Capitol and beat him to death.

It all has served to expose massive Republican hypocrisy on a level even we haven’t seen before.

The people angry that Collin Kaepernick took a kneel toward the flag were the ones using putting MAGA flags above the American flag and American democracy. Senators Cruz and Hawley continued their objections. And at the end of all of it, we have the Right-wingers whining far far more about Twitter and the ramifications to Trump and themselves personally than they are about the role they might have played in the insurrection and attack on democracy itself.

Twitter’s disposal of Trump likely caused a lot of people to delete their Twitter account (Cancel culture), some went to Parler, only to have Parler’s legs cut out from under it. There are questions regarding whether many of these accounts were bots and all kinds of other complexities that go into Twitter counts and such that no one understands. It has many on the right bleeding followers and that’s hurt their feelings more than Officer Sicknick’s death. Sanders is one of those people:

Our own AOC, wouldn’t put up with such jaw-droppingly immature and selfish thoughts and let Huck have hers.

You know that they don’t follow COVID deaths. It appears they don’t respect anyone’s death.

Peace, y’all
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