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Trump is ALREADY Calling Senators to Ask About Impeachment Vote that Might Block His COMEBACK

At this point, as we write, Trump hasn’t yet been out of office eight hours. And yet he’s already pressuring Republicans – probably issuing threats – and asking senators about their intentions with respect to the impeachment vote. The vote will have no impact on him except whether he will be blocked from holding public office again. Trump is not considering running for Congress from Florida. This is already about his comeback to the White House.

Or so he thinks.

How typically Trump? We should have predicted this. In his previous impeachment trial, this man might have been the only defendant in history who practically ordered the foreman of the jury how to handle his trial, namely – don’t have one. This defendant told the controlling GOP senate that they were not to allow witnesses to be called and they damned sure weren’t allowed to vote guilty or they’d be Romneyed.

So of course he’s already calling senators and we cannot decide whether it’s better or worse that he’s doing so despite the fact that he’s not the president. (We do know it is best that he’s not the president.) From The Daily Beast:

Once ensconced in his new home base, the twice-impeached former commander in chief began making phone calls to ask questions about a potential Senate impeachment trial and if some Republican lawmakers will vote to bar him from ever again holding the office of the presidency, according to two people with knowledge of the calls. He also inquired about what lawyers would be good to place on a potential legal team to fight back in a Senate proceeding.

Ah. So, this time he just wants to know how they’ll vote? It makes sense because the Republicans will not control the trial this time. The only thing to be discussed is “Are you going to vote guilty?” and “Do you have a friend that you want representing me and maybe we can do some side business so everyone wins?” We are not sure about that second part, but no one would put it past him.

Eight hours and it sounds like he actually “worked” upon getting on the ground. So ironic, willing to work to get the job back even though he wasn’t willing to work while in the job. We think there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

We wonder how many GOP senators were “busy” while Trump called?


Peace, y’all
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