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Trump Lawyer Attacks Appearance of Biden’s Press Sec. and Says Conservative Women are Better Looking

Not only will the Trumper-MAGAs not go away, but a lot of them also seem intent on spending their post-Trump days spelunking down the crazy cave to see if there is a bottom. Their bitterness is powering their effort and thus they’ll be around for quite a while.

Women here surely understand that many men, especially on the right, see women as trophies. The bigger the winners, the more shiny the trophy. It isn’t so much a thing on the left, but the men on the left are men and if everything else is equal … Anyway, it really isn’t important to the left. As for conservatives, one need only list off the number of leggy blonde bombshells willing to say breathtakingly racist, sexist, hateful, stuff to see that it really is important to conservative men and women that their ugliest things are said by attractive people.

To that end, we have Jenna Ellis today tweeting that Jen Psaki is “trying to be a man” above side by side photos of Psaki and Kayleigh McEnany, while praising conservative women for showing their femininity. First, we should note upfront, that none of this matters, quite obviously. Second, some people, in some places, have a mad crush on Jen Psaki but also love Nicolle Wallace, who was a Republican press secretary, so it’s not a partisan thing  … or that’s what we’ve been told by these people. Three, WTF? And last, Kayleigh McEnany used a professional makeup team. Who pays people to apply plaster unless they desperately want to cover a hole? The hole in question was apparently in the middle of Kayleigh’s head, where most people put their face.

Compare McEnany with professional makeup versus the day that she either cried all over it or the makeup team quit, or both. (The Ellis tweet is coming below).


So let’s compare apples to apples here and even if you gave Kayleigh McEnany a head transplant from Scarlett Johansson she’s still going to lose to Psaki because eventually, Kayleigh will talk. Just saying. Besides, Psaki is very attractive and painfully feminine to those guys we’ve talked to.

Anyway, here:

How does one “value their feminity” by trying to hide so much of their head and yet show so much of their body? We’re just trying to get a feel … wrong word, we’re trying to get a sense of what Jenna is really trying to say. And Jenna doesn’t know what “immutable” means or she’d mute herself (And yes, we do know what immutable and mute mean and that the words aren’t alike, but Jenna doesn’t, so go with it.).

If we say much more we’re going to start talking about some shit that will really get us in trouble and one dances a fine line when working for a woman … when one’s boss is far more attractive than either of these women.

God help us.

Peace, y’all
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