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Trump Wanted to Run onto the House Floor to Defend Himself During Impeachment — But Was Talked Out of It

Sweet Jesus this man must be removed as fast as possible. Wednesday is too far down the road.

One almost wishes whichever adviser held him back had let him go. Yes, Donald Trump wanted to go to the House floor yesterday to defend his … “honor?” and argue against the second impeachment. We believe it is safe to assume that this second impeachment bothers him a great deal. If it took an adviser to hold him off from so doing, it is also safe to assume that the man is quite unwell … shocking, yes – we know.

According to Mediaite:

Deep into a report on Trump’s latest attempt to manage the damage from his incitement of the Capitol insurrection is the rather stunning detail that Trump had to be talked down from making an appearance at his second impeachment:

And straight from that report:

Advisers said that Mr. Trump had to be dissuaded from going to the House floor to try to defend himself during Wednesday’s impeachment proceedings, something he wanted to do during his first impeachment in December 2019, advisers said.

It is actually a sad commentary on where this nation stands in that no one even knows whether Trump would have been allowed to do anything at all if he had gone to the Capitol and whether he would have been allowed entrance into the House, which is restricted to Congressional representatives.

Had Trump succeeded at breaching the floor of the House, it’s unclear what opportunity he would have had to defend himself. The proceeding consisted of debate among members and a vote to impeach, neither of which Trump would have standing to participate in. 

Trump has the right to defend himself in a trial, which occurs post-impeachment in the Senate, he doesn’t have the right to be represented in the indictment phase (impeachment). He has his Republican congressmen to do that for him.

Almost makes you wish he would have gone, doesn’t it? Actually, no. This country has gone through enough in the last couple of weeks and we do not need more excitement, nor do we need to exacerbate emotions within the MAGAs.

Which adviser? Jared … ?


Peace, y’all
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