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Alabama GOP Passes Resolution to Remove the United States from the United Nations

There is a famous scene in the Monty Python movie The Life of Brian in which “The People’s Front of Judea” have a meeting in which they complain about the Romans and then scream “What have the Romans ever done for us!” And, as we all remember, some of them put quite a list together. In assessing what the Romans have done, they go through a litany of small points, “the aqueducts, sanitation (“you know what the place used to smell like”), roads, education, medicine… ” and they get quite a list together. For some reason, the scene came to mind in thinking about where today’s MAGAs stand. “What have the liberal elites ever done for us!” (We link the scene below because it is the weekend).

Not content to simply own America’s liberals, the Alabama GOP now wants to own the world’s libs. They passed a resolution to remove the United States from the United Nations. “What has the United Nations ever done for us!”

To be sure, the U.N. has failed to keep total global peace and harmony since its formation after World War II, but it might have escaped Alabama’s attention that there hasn’t been a world war since that time. Moreover, the U.N. has also formed many successful social programs and that is likely why they are on Alabama’s hit list. “What have the liberals at the U.N. ever done for us!”

From Rawstory:

“The resolution, one of about a dozen the party will consider today, cites what it said were U.N. policies that support abortion, disarmament of citizens, and the influence of socialist countries,” said the report. “It says the U.N. opposes American policies in the Middle East and supports climate control policies that would wipe out jobs.”

In other words, it’s just another liberal elite organization that just tries to feed people, keep the planet healthy, and tries to keep one army from shooting at another army. “Yeah! But what have they ever done for us!” Says a group of people that have not seen every young boy in a high school senior class go sign up for the Army or Navy and leave home for five years, and having only half come back.

Yes, the U.N. is far more aspirational than of any utility, more symbolic than pragmatic. But sometimes symbols matter and the U.N. – for relatively little cost, has helped impose western liberalism (in the best sense) to most of the world, warts and all. “Yeah! But what have they ever done for …”


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