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Bitter Irony: Monstrous Stephen Miller Calls Biden’s Immigration Plan ‘Cruel’ and ‘Inhumane’

There is likely one thing on which all non-MAGA Americans can agree. Any immigration plan involving putting people in cages, without access to medical care, basic sanitation, or even room to sleep, but does so while keeping the family united and not ripping kids from their parents’ hands, is less inhumane than Donald Trump’s immigration plan as conceived by Stephen Miller. It is not a high bar.

The Biden administration is not ripping kids out of the arms of parents, but they do have to humanely help the kids that most definitely were ripped out of their parents’ arms under the Trump administration. As part of the Biden administration’s plan, they must temporarily open one of the “kids in cages” facilities to find room for all the children until they can get them to families through HHS. It is highly controversial, but the Biden administration has a completely revamped system.

Jen Psaki told reporters this week that the facility would be COVID compliant, provide room, health care, mental health professionals, and education. Obviously, though, the biggest thing is that the Biden administration is not creating more of these orphans.

In spite of all this, and because it has long been an article of faith among MAGA politicians that the truth is entirely optional, Stephen Miller walked his evil self on to Laura Ingraham’s show last night (speaking of immigration monsters) and said the following:

“What we’re seeing here is the cruelty and inhumanity of Joe Biden’s immigration policies,”

GTH, Stephen, and we mean that in its most litteral interpretation. More:

“He came into office and announced that there’s an open door and that young people who come into this country illegally are going to be resettled instead of returned, “He’s forcing thousands of young children into the arms of smugglers, into the arms of traffickers, into the arms of coyotes.

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“That is cruel. That is inhumane.

Stephen Miller lecturing Joe Biden on what is cruel and inhane with respect to children is both cruel and inhumane to irony. But that is Stephen Miller and that is what he does. He takes difficult situations with brown people and makes them more tragic.

Incidentally, this might be important. MSNBC reports that lawyers within the Biden administration have already reunited 105 children with their parents. It is amazing what happens when one gets Stephen Miller out of the way.


Fck you, Stephen.

Peace, y’all
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