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CBS News Asked All 50 GOP Senators: Do You Agree With Trump that He Won the Election?” Only FIVE Answered at All

This is not about Trump it is about one half of the country refusing to move on and they are moving toward fascism, more so than before.

Many of us contend that this situation is more dangerous than the one that compelled 43 Senators to vote “Not Guilty” or even when Cruz and Hawley led the MAGAs to contest the Electoral College vote, this is Trump hanging on to total power well after he should be irrelevant. Yes, Trump talked about running 2024 but Trump is not young and there is real good reason to believe that Trump’s past will eventually catch up to him, though admittedly, we have been saying that for some time now.

But mostly they hate his guts and couldn’t wait until he was out of the Oval Office. They also think he’s dangerous. So what the hell is going on here? From CBS News:

To get a sense of GOP senators’ loyalty to the former president, CBS News contacted all 50 Republican Senate offices Wednesday night and Thursday with a simple question: Do you agree with President Trump that he — and not Joe Biden — won the November election?

Five offices replied. Forty-five ignored the inquiry.

Spokespeople for Senators Susan Collins of Maine, Steve Daines of Montana, Jerry Moran of Kansas and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania answered that they do not share Mr. Trump’s view and believe Mr. Biden to be the duly elected president.

A spokesperson for Texas Senator John Cornyn did not answer the question directly but pointed to a letter the senator had released January 5, a day before the Capitol riot. (Cornyn’s statement essentially says he believes Biden was elected.)

The only Republican senator up for reelection in 2022 who voted to convict Mr. Trump was Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski … (She also voted that Trump was guilt)

Again, many of us think that this might be a bigger problem than we even recognized prior to the transition, these are the type of problems that only happen in fascist nations. It is not that any of these senators actually believe that Trump won, obviously not. Neither do they believe that he is a benefit to the country or even like him, well – maybe Ron Johnson and Rand Paul support him (Of course, they spent a Fourth of July in Moscow, they may have no choice but to believe in Trump.)

The Senators were not asked whether they currently support Trump or not. No, this goes all the way back to the election. CBS characterizes the findings as Senators being afraid to cross Trump. Wrong, most would dance down Pennsylvania Avenue to get rid of Trump. The problem is that this is where their voters still stand. It is likely that at least 75% of these senators dearly want to tell Trump to go to hell. But an equal 75% of their voters believe that Trump was elected and Biden “stole” the election.

That is terrifying. It may be characterized as Trump still having a hold of this party. That is perhaps partly true. But right now this is far more about a party wanting to believe lies. Had the voters heard from their senators that Trump was full of shit and making a fool out of himself, moreover had they been told some hard truths all along, those voters might be reluctant to believe the lies. As it is, we already reported on a viral Facebook post flooding the MAGAs, it asserted that Biden altered the weather to direct the winter storm over Texas.

This is scary ground.


Peace, y’all
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