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CNN’s Pamela Brown Smartly Pounds Pence’s Former Chief of Staff: ‘Trying to Take Away Responsibility for Trump’s Behavior’

Wow. Pamela Brown of CNN is setting the standard when it comes to interviewing Trump apologists, or any other political spin doctors.

With Trump speaking at CPAC next week, a move that Maggie Haberman calls “a sign that Trump may already be lining up for 2024,” there is a ton of rehabilitation to do and it will be all hands on deck to get that job done. Indeed, it is so bad that Marc Short – who worked for Mike Pence, someone Trump threatened – is already moving to cover up and spread the blame for the siege. Short is also referencing the big lie, the election issues in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

He might have gotten away with Newsmax talking points were it not for Brown. Watch her wipe away the election stuff in one “short,” well-researched, answer.

But it got worse. Somehow, these Trump alums think there is a way to overcomplicate the statement: “No, sir, there is no way for Mike Pence to stop the count. You have run out of options unless you get a judge to intervene and that is getting far more difficult by the day.” Marc Short believes that there is nuance to planning post-electoral college counts.

Short said:

“I think unfortunately the President was getting bad advice from people who had articulated that the Vice President would have some extraordinary powers that had never been used before .. during certification by Congress” of electoral results, 

Brown didn’t allow that answer to echo on her show:

Yes. The Trump administration expected every official to absorb blame and protect the chief baby. Again, the blame lies solely with the man at the top. If one finds themselves listening to Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell for constitutional law advice, one deserves what one is going to get. Relying on Roger Stone and Alex Jones will get one imprisoned.

The net was impressed or at least enjoyed Short getting smacked.

Yes, it was a little better than what we’ve come to expect.


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