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For the First Time in a Long While People Actually WANT to See a Trump Tweet — In Response to Boris Johnson’s Statement

Yes, no question, there are times when something so obviously painful, so obviously a shot right into Trump’s ego, that it triggers the nation’s schadenfruede such that we need to see Trump’s pain as expressed through his Twitter feed. One knows that Trump will hear about the U.K.’s Boris Johnson wiping the global slate clean, while also pretending that Trump didn’t happen. “America is unreservedly back as the leader of the free world.”

Boris had no need to say it. He could have praised Biden’s diplomacy and bilateralism, but he chose to just inflict a bit of a wound. His words could just as easily been “America was not at all a leader under Trump, but it’s back in its place such that no one need even question it. Biden is a world leader to be respected.”

We love it. But we desperately want to see Trump lashing out!


And we damn well need to be a world leader. We at this site don’t see anything that special in being “the” leader, so long as what we say definitely means something to all, that seems good enough.

There are a lot of issues that needed attention but just sat in stasis under Trump. Something needs to be done about China. China is a complex issue. They abuse and even kill their own citizens and are increasingly aggressive with their military and wealth. Fifty years ago China was a backward agricultural country. No more. Plus, they make all our shit and own a lot of our debt. Complicated.

Climate change needs someone to take the lead and sit on China. China makes everyone’s shit and pumps out a lot of carbon doing it. It comes from China, but because it’s linked to our IPhones and computers, the carbon is unquestionably spent by us. We need to acknowledge it.

NATO is breathing a sigh of relief. Article Five is safe, and Putin is put mostly back in his box. But it seems Putin still has power over the MAGA movement. He needs to be watched closely and if evidence comes out that Putin directly impacted our elections with votes, it is an act of war and needs to be aggressively pinned on them.

It is a complicated and somewhat dangerous world.

So it means quite a bit to be back on the scene, be appreciated, not isolated, and a partner in things other nations have been doing withou us for quite some time. Boris says we cannot deny it, we’re the world’s leader. Who are we to question it?

We just want to see Trump scream in pain, just once. Or, maybe everytime some painful stuff comes down at Trump in the near future.

Peace, y’all
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