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Mike Huckabee Suggests Biden is Senile and Says Trump Should Open CPAC Speech With ‘Y’all Miss Me Yet?’

This is the cult of personality, and get used to a week of what it’s doing to the country. We don’t want to hear from the Twitterers that scream, “Don’t give Trump a platform,” because we will not. We will keep an eye on that base, more radical by the day, and Trump has a platform. These people seem ready to fight all over again, just as hard as last time.

Mike Huckabee is an example of the MAGAs that should know better but has literally lost himself in all things Trump. Trump gave his girl a job, and Huckabee wants to stay relevant to the radicalized. Tell us if this man sounds normal:


“You know, Will, I think the first thing that the president should say when he gets to the podium at CPAC is ‘Y’all miss me yet?’ And when he says that, the place is going to erupt. I’m not sure if he’ll ever get the podium back because it’s going to be such cheering. Yes, we do miss him,” …

Speak for yourself, Mike. A significant majority of the country doesn’t miss him at all.

… “We miss the kind of job opportunities for minorities, women that we had under President Trump,” 

Oh, a toss-off line to make the “sort of racists” on that side feel a little better about things. And then the MAGA hammer, play to the conspiracy theorist, fact-free, base:

“I think it already is resonating with people. People are beginning to wake up and realize Joe Biden is no moderate. You know, I had friends that, they just didn’t like some of the things President Trump said, so they said, you know, Joe Biden is a moderate. We can live with him. I haven’t heard a peep out of them since he was sworn in started using his pen to sign things that I’m sure he has no idea what he is actually signing,” 

And right there, you realize that Huckabee will say anything that the MAGAs want to hear. Huckabee is sure that Biden has no idea what he’s signing, as opposed to Trump’s deeply analytical mind, who wouldn’t sign anything that wasn’t researched and obsessed over by experts.

It is disgusting to hear, but this base is going to do nothing but radicalize itself into a frenzy. Perhaps it is good that Trump so desperately needs the cheers that he’s now coming out of his hiding spot. He really could hide for a year with just little snippets coming out and have the base desperate. But he wants money, and that means getting out into the MAGAs.

And the MAGAs are getting increasingly insane if that’s even possible. Listen to the guy above.

Peace, y’all
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