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Nearly Half of Trump Voters Say They Would Abandon the GOP if Trump Formed his Own Party

If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed…….and we will deserve it.

Lindsey Graham, May 03, 2016

So, other than Trump’s current government spokesperson and bitc… lap dog Lindsey Graham, who could possibly have seen this coming? Yes, but other than the people who started tweeting “Everything Trump Touches Dies” back in 2017? Sure, we can count Mitch McConnell. Anyone else? All of us? True.

We all saw this coming, including Mitch McConnell. Very few, certainly not us, saw it coming this late.

But it’s most definitely here.

We think that McConnell is very serious about his pronouncement that he has no plans to speak to Trump ever again. We know that Trump isn’t about to speak to someone who said that he should be left to the criminal justice system. There is a lot more than just “the American Right” on the line. One could say that American democracy is on the line. Fascism is knocking at our door and it could sneak through with a minority vote.

But we have one thing going for us, so long as there’s still a vote in this country – perhaps we should say a meaningful vote – neither of these two is winning anything, except for some governorships, some House districts, rural northern Georgia (but no Senate seats in Georgia), and some states out west. Unless something changes.

The Republican party broke this week, we wrote as it happened, and now there is a survey proving it.

And so what do we call this new Trump party? “MAGA”?

Obviously, if half of Republicans go to whatever “Trump’s” party might be it’s rather irrelevant. We are talking about a party that managed to get swept in every category this last election and just cut its ranks in half, at least according to this survey. But this survey could be off by 20 points in either direction, and it wouldn’t matter much.

It is far more likely than not that McConnell’s side will win in the long run. In the end, being smarter does prove beneficial. That leaves the short run and right now, with all the people at CPAC dying to hear from Trump and vehemently bored by McConnell et. al. it all leaves the American Right in real trouble.

We would feel better about it if we hadn’t just gone through an insurrection and without right-wing populism rising around the world. This is probably a good place to dump this site’s first rule of thumb, it can always get worse. Democrats could be moving from the “centerish” area to one of the two. It could be better, we could have more of a parliamentarian type of system.

It doesn’t feel like a victory. But it would definitely feel like a loss if one was left of Joe Biden right now.


Peace, y’all
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