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OAN Reports that Biden is ‘Hiding in the Basement’ While Trump ‘Went and Fought Every Weather Crisis’

Wow, over the weekend it was Newsmax anchor Greg Kelly upset about “disheveled” old White House dogs and NASA mission control scientists celebrating. Now it is OAN and their ridiculous false comparisons, wanting him to visit a frigid state that froze itself without power. The far-right must be damned hard-up for programming.

They really best get used to it. President Biden is goofy in a lot of ways, and can famously say things that make one shake their head. But he’s loyal to a fault, understated, a gentleman in the best ways, knows what he’s doing, and will love OAN and conservatives through it anyway. Damn, it’s going to be a hard four years.

OAN is back to the “Biden Hiding in the Basement” thing. They are very upset that President Biden has not yet visited Texas, apparently, although many people didn’t get power back until Friday or Saturday. Given that Ted Cruz was winging his ass out of Texas on Wednesday, we aren’t sure why Biden had a duty to fly in Thursday. And yet that seems to be what OAN wants because they characterize Biden’s White House weekend as “hiding in the basement.” They haven’t noticed that Biden may well come out in the next week. Who knows?

It is interesting, because they compare Biden to Trump, whom they say visited “every” weather disaster. We do recall Trump flipping paper towels into the crowd in Puerto Rico, but Trump’s trip occurred ten days after the hurricane, but only after a lot of heat came down and only after the press got out that he was asking why they had to help Puerto Rico. Of course, Trump did visit California after being excoriated for not doing enough. He even asked why, “he” (as opposed to the nation) would help California when they don’t even support him. It was on his California trip that Trump launched into his “raking” the forest speech.

Of course, no one expects a president to go into the middle of a hurricane. But apparently OAN wants Biden in Texas during the midst of their disaster. Yesterday, OAN criticized President Biden for “staying in the basement” of the White House while describing

Wow. Nice little explanation they have under there.

As we said, they best get used to it. Perhaps they can start by asking why President Biden had never done a pro wrestling gig, never been sued for divorce, or assaulting women, stuff like that.

Peace, y’all
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