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Sen. Ron Johnson Claims ‘Fake Trump Protesters’ Were Behind Riot and Blames Police For Inciting Rioters

Unbelievably, Senator Ron Johnson used his incredibly valuable time in a committee meeting on the January 6th insurrection to spread a massive conspiracy theory; Trump supporters were not involved.

Johnson apparently needs the public to believe that the people pictured inside the Capitol trying to shut down the Electoral College hearing while chanting “Fight for Trump!” were actually not dangerous MAGA-head insurrectionists. No, the thousands of people around the Capitol were “agent provocateurs.” Senator Ron Johnson theory must be that the woman shot during the insurrection was there to fool people, that the “agent provocateurs” were so committed to fooling the country that they left Officer Sicknick lifeless on the steps.

This is sickening. Ron Johnson is sickening. It is worth noting that Ron Johnson is one of the most outrageous Trump supporters in the Senate and, not surprisingly, he is one of the Senators who attended “meetings” in Moscow on July 4th, 2018. We don’t know exactly what went on in Moscow, we only know the policies supported by the people that went. Pro-Trump, through absolutely anything, including an attempted coup.

Any investigation of the January 6th insurrection should include an investigation of Trump’s most committed supporters in government. Americans desperately need to know why these people spent two years shamefully supporting Trump so outrageously, spreading conspiracy theories, always looking away, no matter how bad the evidence.  We also need to know what they knew prior to January 6th.

Watch Johnson concoct his own story about “agent provocateurs,” while ignoring the massive amount of evidence compiled:

Again, this is so offensive that it begs for an investigation in and of itself. How can anyone be so inexplicably committed to one cause?

Americans were appropriately offended and angry:

From a White House reporter who was there:

There were many others:

Yes. We are doomed until we find out why these people keep such “loyalty” to Trump and keep repeating the same lies, always with regard to one interest alone, even using conspiracies rooted in Russian propaganda.


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