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REPORT: Trump Advisers Worry About Trump Incriminating Himself at CPAC

Donald Trump faces a new and serious threat due to his actions on January 6th. He is not free to riff during his speeches because anything he says can be used against him in a criminal or civil proceeding. Trump may not fully get it, but his lawyers and advisers damned well know it.

Tough spot. Trump desperately wants the attention, love, and money for his “campaign” and causes. His team desperately wants to keep him out of prison.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman says that Trump’s advisers are worried about Trump’s upcoming speech at CPAC. One can see the work the advisers are doing behind the scenes.

“I’ve been told it’s going to be a very policy-focused speech. Whether that is true, as you know and whether he actually delivers what is on the page remains to be seen … He’s going to speak about immigration policy, because that’s one of the things Biden has had to focus on, trying to undo some of Trump’s immigration policies. So Trump knows that appeals to his base of supporters. You’ll see him talk about that. I think he’ll talk about President Biden rejoining the Iran nuclear deal.”

Policy choices. He cannot hurt himself if he strictly limits the speech solely to policy changes, especially if he angrily talks about immigration in front of that crowd. Anyone else could pull it off, easily. Trump is not “anyone else. ”

“There’s been concern among some of his advisers that he’ll say something damaging as he’s facing this threat of prosecution from various prosecutors around the country, but so I think you may see him stick to a script more than he normally would. As you say, this is very unusual. And an unusual venue.”

Right. You may see him strictly stick to a script this weekend at CPAC. You may see one of us marry Nicolle Wallace this weekend in Key West.

Trump’s advisers have to be shaking. There was no compelling reason for Trump to speak at CPAC. The MAGAs love him as much or more now than ever. He could have sent a video message. He could have gone golfing. But the narcissist need probably left him no choice. He likely must speak to this crowd in particular. He needs to be loved. But from everything we’ve ever seen, he also needs to rage. He is likely burning inside, furious and embarrassed. He surely needs an outlet.

He could say anything, especially at a gathering that makes him feel like Superman, where nothing can touch him. In that speech, in front of that crowd, responding to their worship, he could let something loose. It may be six months before he fully understands what happened.

Maybe it will work out fine for him.


Peace, y’all
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