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Rush Limbaugh Slams AOC in Disgusting Way Until One of His Own Listeners Puts Him in His Place

We are on the record stating that we don’t wish cancer upon anyone, no one “deserves cancer,” or anything of the sort – we’re human. But we’d be lying if we didn’t say that sometimes Rush Limbaugh really stretches our commitment to humanity to the breaking point. We remain bigger and wiser.

Today Rush Limbaugh reminded the world – as if anyone had ever forgotten – why he is one of the most monstrous people to ever haunt the American media landscape.

As most know, last night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hosted a live Instagram video in which she recounted her terrifying experience on January 6th, 2021. She described the rush to get behind barricaded doors, the help offered by fellow saint Katie Porter, and the thoughts going through AOC’s mind, “Please let me live long enough to be a mother.” It takes one’s breath away.

We are thankful that AOC did not know of the loss of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick or the dozens of very serious injuries, casualties that haven’t received anywhere near enough reporting, because it would have made AOC’s experience that much more horrifying. If they took the life of a police officer dressed in riot gear on the Capitol steps, what would they have done with iron-spined, but little framed, AOC? They would’ve taken her life. We know it now, she knew it then.

In what should become mandatory viewing for all adolescent girls, AOC compared the movement to “put January 6th behind us” and the effort to “whitewash it” as the all too typical modus operandi of the abusive, domineering man. We always knew that AOC had guts, guts to run, guts to win, guts to make mistakes, she has been fearless, but we’ve never seen her braver than in that moment, when she described what it’s like to carry around the trauma of a sexual assault, only to be assaulted again. We were never more in her corner. And last night it looked like even the Right could accept her and finally show some respect to our brave little sister, one of our leaders, and her pain. Maybe some did.

Not Rush.

No one is naive enough to think that Limbaugh would come out and actually be respectful, but we thought he might just leave it alone, not even mention it. Having Rush Limbaugh pretend the video never got made and move on to some Trump thing would’ve been a gift. But Rush only accepts gifts, like the gift of our humanity, while never responding in kind, choosing instead to be inhumane.

Rush talked about AOC “politicizing” her trauma and experience by talking about it. That sounds like an abuser to us. “Would you just be quiet about it and stop bringing it up! You never shut up!” As we said, we hope girls everywhere learn from this. We all can.

But then Rush went to the phones and got lit up by one of his own listeners. Transcript from Rawstory:

“Yeah. It really hurts me to think I agree with her, but let me just say that, Rush, you probably never have been — experienced trauma or abuse. And I certainly didn’t —”

It must have startled Rush, who normally only hears from “Ditto-heads,” Rush jumped in: “Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Why do you think that?”

And with that, the caller offered Rush a gift, letting him hear from a person who has gone through the same thing and does want to reach out to AOC and her pain.

“I’ll tell you why. Because as you’re describing what AOC said, what she’s talking about is, if you’ve experienced a trauma or an abuse and then you experience another trauma or another abuse, that trauma piles on it — it —”

Rush said, “Yes?”

” It doesn’t go away,”

Rush stayed engaged: Yeah?

“And so she had this trauma on the 6th, and it sort of gins up past traumas,”

Rush put two and two together: “So you think I went over and off the rails because I was, what, making light of it?”

Editors Note: No fcking shit, dumb fff. Has he ever talked to a woman? Or has he just talked “at” women? Because if he ever STFU and listened to a woman these days he’d know that of course it never goes away! It fades, hopefully. Moreover, if a man has dated three women in this day and age, chances are two have had a traumatic experience, perhaps one. It won’t be “none.”

The caller continued:  “I think that any woman, any person who’s ever been abused or been through trauma is gonna find that insensitive and —”

Apparently Rush knew he was getting shown up on his own show, being made to look as small as he’s always been: “All right. I appreciate it. I’m out of time. But I appreciate that. I’ll have to think about this,”

Yes. Rush better “think about this” and not set it all behind him, blow it off as some “too sensitive woman” who is “taking this all too seriously” as might be his pattern, the normal behavior of an all too normal abuser. Rush’s world, like Trump’s, doesn’t have much self-reflection in it, and thus the cycle continues.

We hope that Rush actually does “think about this,” because one thing all of us know, he is near out of time. Those of us with precious time remaining should be thinking about how to use some of it to do something about these issues, all while teaching our girls how to react and reach out, to be like our AOC. Perhaps in the future, maybe only one out of those same three women, perhaps none, will ever experience that type of pain.

We want to thank AOC, and the anonymous caller, representing all those women that too many men choose not to see.


Peace, y’all
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