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Ted Cruz Under Fire After Texas Winter Storm ‘Photo Op’ Shows Him Handing Out Water to Residents

At every turn, Ted Cruz continues to make his situation worse. Cruz was known as one of the smartest people in the Senate, but the presumption is largely gone at this point. Stupid is as stupid does.

Cruz had an image problem, to say the least. Texans saw what Ted chose to do when faced with an emergency and then the lies he’d spray upon being caught. It is patently offensive to see Ted out “volunteering” loading water into cars. We should make clear, had Cruz done his volunteering Wednesday, it would be respectable, no matter how much he’s hated by everyone on the left, and on the right.

Cruz definitely had to do something in an attempt to redeem himself, a little. Had we been staffers for Cruz, we would have recommended a photo-op showing him going into city hall, with an explanation that he wanted to get to the bottom of what happened so that he could as much help from Washington and the state as possible. We would have to respect that, too. Ted is one of the very few who could undertake that project and actually make a difference.

We would tell him that loading up cars for a photo-op will only make it worse. But that’s exactly what Ted chose to do. It could not possibly have looked more desperate, or obvious. Well, wait, the one thing he could do to make it more desperate is to post the pictures himself. He wouldn’t do that though…

Forty-Two Thousand replies in one day responded to this:

Oh, my. He really is shameful, and shameless. That did not go over well on the net:

No, we believe that his family came back Saturday. The parking lot does look empty.

Nope. Not kidding. Notice the mask? We don’t recall Ted wearing masks before Biden became president.

Again, this would have been fine Wednesday. He had a few choices to redeem himself yesterday but chose the photo-op instead. Forty-two thousand replies later and Ted only seems to be making it worse.


Peace, y’all
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