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THERE IT IS: Supreme Court Tells Trump’s Accounting Firm to Hand the Taxes Over

Well, that didn’t take long. Pffft.

No, the decision about whether Trump owes a duty to the state of New York to honor a subpoena, took years to move through a process that should take months, maximum. Of course, Trump had some help along the way with some conservative judges, especially on the Supreme Court, to hold those taxes off.

If Trump thought those taxes made him look like a successful, rich man who followed the law, he would have published the taxes in the New York Times in 2015 and every year since.

Many of us have good reason to believe that Trump has a reason for doing everything possible to ensure that virtually nothing about his past comes out, business past, social past, or medical past. One senses that the state of New York strongly believes that they will find something critical and perhaps criminal within those taxes and possible business records. As hard as Trump fought, New York kept going, too, without reaching out for some settlement of the matter.

So it looks like New York will keep going, now with the taxes, which should be handed over in a few days. The firm has been waiting on the SCOTUS ruling for months. Today the SCOTUS ruled again, against Trump:

The above is a little strong. It is the end of the road with respect to handing the taxes over and perhaps the beginning of the road to trying to suppress portions of those taxes if criminal charges are filed. Moreover, the public will not see those taxes any time soon, unless the grand jury is on the edge of handing down a true bill already. At that point, portions of the taxes may appear in the criminal complaint.

So, another hurdle has been cleared and it is a big one, to be sure. But it’s not the “end of the road,” not even close. But people are happy.

Again, here may be some information in a possible criminal complaint, but if there are no criminal charges, the public will never see them.

To be fair, there is a need to cover Trump’s MAGA movement, they are dangerous, and these things can lead to protests and rages.

And let’s hear from the MAGAs, see below:

If and when the MAGAs hear that there are serious issues with Trump’s taxes, with possible criminal consequences, they will say that the entire prosecution is political and that Trump only did what everyone else does.

The dangerousness of the MAGA movement compels watching Trump closely.

Peace, y’all
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