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Trump Says He Misses Being President and Hints He’ll Run Again in 2024

During an interview with Newsmax host Greg Kelly, former President Donald Trump expressed sadness that he was no longer president and said he missed his old job.

Even if he did spend 298 of his days as president on the golf course, Raw Story reports.

“Do you miss being president? You’ve got to miss it,” Kelly said.

“Well, I do and we were all set to make a deal with Iran,” Trump said. “We’ve all said it would be a great deal. Now its I see the deal they’re talking about. It’s a disaster.”

It’s anyone’s guess what “deal” Trump is talking about and it’s news to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who said he hasn’t seen the deal and is currently demanding one, Reuters reported Wednesday.

Trump rambled throughout the interview (which isn’t unusual for him, of course), but he talked as if he were still president.

“We’re all set to, uh, we’re pulling out of the Middle East, almost entirely, which we’ve almost done, anyway,” he said. “We’re bringing in a lot of soldiers home. A lot of our great soldiers were coming home. We spend a fortune protecting other countries and the other countries don’t even respect. They don’t pay for it. We pay for it. Countries that have plenty of money. We pay for it, so you know, well coming home. And everything was happening great and then we had a disgusting, frankly a very dishonest election.”

He continued on his “wash, rinse, repeat,” complaints about the “stolen election,” and said it was too early to tell if he’d run again in 2024, saying there were “great polls out there.”

I tend to think Trump doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in 2024 but there’s also a part of me that hopes Democrats are paying attention because his worshippers aren’t going to go away. They have four years to plot, plan, and figure out ways to strengthen their base.

But the Democrats also have four years to plan. Hope they are on their game.

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