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Video Humiliates Lindsey Graham as He Makes Case for Completion of the Wall Without ‘Holes’

There are very few walls that cannot be crossed, dug under, blown up, something. One might check on the Great Wall of China, which history says took 200 years to complete. It might be a bad investment because for all we know the United States will be a part of Mexico in 200 years, or still busy completing the Civil War that started in 1861 and threatened to get hot again in 2021. The point is that just about everyone but the MAGAs knew that even if one built a wall across the southern border, it would do no good. People would get through, boat around it, or use their personal drone.

But the MAGAs love a wall. We suspect they are really impressed when they see big long things.

Now, Trump is gone and the wall is best described as “woefully incomplete,” and then there is still that “doesn’t work” thing that continues to mesmerize MAGAs while all of us pay for it.

So, what to do? Well, Lindsey Graham, newly appointed spokesman for elected MAGAs, wants to keep Trump’s promise. Except Graham is obsessed with certain “holes” in the wall. But as the video below shows, holes are just another means to the other side.

We will repeat, one needs a far better policy than walls. Invite people to show up at a border crossing and to demonstrate why they should be allowed to immigrate. Grant them a work permit, some other sort of legal status, make clear that anyone convicted of a crime gets deported for good, and a path to citizenship based upon certain criteria, and one won’t need any walls.

It will burst Stephen Miller’s bald head, until then:

Maybe not a “lie” so much as… well, yes, it is a lie but also misinformed? We aren’t sure. Lindsey appears unsure of how walls work and whether the money is better spent having an immigration policy that makes some sense.

We know they won’t make sense.

Peace, y’all
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