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CNN Anchor Perfectly Shames Kayleigh McEnany After She Claimed to Be ‘Shocked’ by Jan. 6th Violence

CNN’s Brianna Keilar had a good laugh at Fox News’s expense now that the network has finally hired Kayleigh McEnany, and she did this by airing a prominent reminder where the network called out the former White House Press Secretary’s lies.

Mediaite reports that Fox confirmed on Tuesday that McEnany will be working as a paid contributor. During her introductory interview, she was asked about the Capitol riots on Jan. 6th. McEnany replied that she was “shocked” by the violence that erupted.

“Everyone in the administration was horrified by it,” McEnany told Fox News’s Harris Faulkner. “This did not represent our movement.”

But on CNN Newsroom, Keilar was significantly unimpressed and noted “when the grenade that you’ve been helping build for months finally explodes in your face, that is just inevitable.” She couldn’t help but wonder (with a bit of sarcasm) what McEnany thought was going to happen, since after all, she spent months promulgating former President Donald Trump’s lies about voter fraud and his false claims that he won the election.

What’s also notable here is that McEnany is Keilar’s former colleague, having worked as a paid contributor to the network before becoming Trump’s press secretary. The most noteworthy segment of the video is where Fox’s own Neil Cavuto cut McEnany’s live feed while she was in the middle of spreading more false claims at a Trump campaign press conference. That was, indeed pretty epic. But Keilar juxtaposed it with Fox & Friend co-host Pete Hegseth sticking up for the rioters the day after they stormed Congress in a failed attempt to overthrow the election.

Then Keilar ridiculed McEnany’s “surprise” that the situation turned violent, noting Trump spent years encouraging violence and politically-charged aggression.

“That is what Kayleigh McEnany fiercely protected for the eight-plus months she was White House press secretary,” Keilar said. “What Trump did and said on January 6th was nothing new, and she knows that because she was there. His big lie is her big lie, no matter how hard she tries to spin it during her new paid gig on Fox.”

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So, it looks like McEnany will have more opportunities to lie. I’m willing to bet Keilar might sink her teeth into that as well. I’m kind of looking forward to her sticking a fork into all those lies and watching them deflate like a souffle.

Should be fun.

I’ve included the clip below.

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