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Eric Trump Says He’s Absolutely ‘Heartbroken’ That Joe Biden Has Flown Home to Delaware Five Times

I’m beginning to believe Vox journalist Aaron Rupar may be one of the most intelligent journalists on social media because if there’s anything he understands well, it has to be irony. The reason I mention this is because Rupar was singling out Eric Trump for special attention after the younger Trump appeared on Fox News host Maria Bartiromo’s program to complain about President Joe Biden’s weekend trips to his home state of Delaware.

It’s just over two months since Biden’s inauguration, and in that time he’s made five trips to the state, and Eric Trump is beside himself over the fact, HuffPost reports.

“I don’t know where to begin,” he told Bartiromo. “It’s heartbreaking to us. I know how much time and effort our father put into this.”

After your laughter dies down and you pick yourself up off the floor, ponder this: During his first 100 days as president, Donald Trump went on 19 golf outings, compared to former President Barack Obama, who went exactly one time in the same time period.

This led Rupar to comment “Irony is dead,” in a tweet.

But just how hard Trump did or didn’t work is open for debate. Trump administration sources told the media that during his time in office he was frequently late to work at the White House and left early. They noted he also spent a lot of time watching Fox News, and these non-working hours were referred to in his schedule as “executive time.”

With all his time hitting the links at his own courses — a staggering 289 times during his presidency, taxpayers paid through the proverbial nose because the trips cost the government $151 million. That’s the equivalent of 379 years of presidential salaries, HuffPost reports.

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You might also be shocked to know that, at least according to Eric Trump, dear old dad “fixed the immigration crisis.

“Illegal immigration was not a problem anymore,” he told Bartiromo, contending that the system was now “perfect” until Biden turned it into “absolute junk.”

But the fact is, undocumented migration to the U.S. has been declining for two decades according to Customs and Border Protection data. In fact, in 2019 during Trump’s time in office, the number of undocumented migrants intercepted at the border jumped to 860,000 — considerably higher than the peak of 560,000 apprehensions under Obama in 2009. HuffPost reports the numbers are surging now, and that it’s typical for this time of the year when the crossing is easier. It’s also partly due to the fact that the pandemic pretty much stalled such crossings.

If you’re curious to learn more about Aaron Rupar, you can check him out here. I’ve also added in some funny Twitter commentary on Eric Trump’s “heartbreak.” You can also watch his whine-fest in the video below. Enjoy!

Here’s the full segment:

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