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Melania Trump Wants You to Pay Attention to Her for International Women’s Day — Backfires Immediately

Former First Lady Melania Trump decided to celebrate International Women’s Day Monday by posting a tweet acknowledging the “brave” women she met during her time in the White House and I’m here to tell you that did not sit well with the Twitterati who are decidedly not fans of her misogynist husband.

It’s odd, she’s actually continued to tweet as often as she did when she was First Lady, which wasn’t very often. Still, it surprising to see her still dialing it in.

“Today & every day women are taking bold & courageous actions to ensure the next generation of women have the tools they need to succeed. On this #InternationalWomensDay, I think of the brave women I met each year at the #IWOC awards & their moving stories of overcoming adversity,” she tweeted, posting it with a video from last year for the same occasion.

A number of Twitter users responded by questioning what, exactly, has she contributed to empowering other women, Meaww reports. It’s understandable that women are asking this. It looks like she has a cushy prenuptial agreement if she divorces Donald Trump and even if she doesn’t, she’s currently residing at Mar-a-Lago. Other than the fact that she has to deal with her husband on a daily basis, she’s spending most of her day at the spa, so exactly how bad can that be?

“And please tell us what YOU have ever done to help other women. We will wait,” noted one Twitter user. Another added, “Melania, where do you find time to tweet between all your spa treatments, redecorating, and shopping?”

Others noted:

“You sure grabbed your tool early — good luck with that prenup.”

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“Waiting for your ONLY FANS!! page.

Another Twitter user said  “Im just happy I dont have to see the oiled up assless nudes.”

But wait, there’s more:

Another user alleged:

Another user couldn’t resist getting in a gibe at Ted Cruz as well:

Some of you may remember that just a few days ago a Baptist preacher in Missouri caught heat for his remarks on how women should look and calling Melania “the epic trophy wife of all time.” He also advised women in his congregation that although they might not be able to follow Melania 100 percent, they can still be “participation trophies.”

That pastor is now taking “a leave of absence” and is seeking “professional counseling.”

At least he’s receiving help. It will nice when men ever quit thinking of women as “trophies.” We’re not something you only win. We are considerably more than that. Unlike Melania, I’ve hiked two miles down a mountain and crossed a river to do the shopping in 110-degree heat and back up the same mountain while living in a van/RV conversion.

Let’s see Melania do THAT.

Just saying.

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