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Mitch McConnell Whines That Biden is Ignoring Him and Hasn’t Invited Him to the White House Yet

In a Fox News interview, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell complained that President Joe Biden is abdicating his pledge to bring about bipartisan unity, Mediaite reports.

At one point during the interview on America’s Newsroom Wednesday, anchor Bill Hemmer noted the president invited several Republican senators to the White House last month to discuss coronavirus relief. But according to Hemmer, not much was accomplished, so he took the opportunity to ask McConnell “When will you be at the White House? When have you been invited to meet President Biden?”

“I haven’t been invited to the White House,” McConnell said. “So far this administration is not interested in doing anything on a bipartisan basis in the political center. They would be more than happy to pick off a few of our members (he says that like it’s a bad thing) and do what they would like to do, but there has been no effort whatsoever by the president or the administration to do anything in the political center. They’ve been trying to jam through everything on the hard left.”

But perhaps Republicans have taught Democrats a hard lesson — that if they want to get any legislation passed they’d better do it with or without Republican support. Because that’s what it has taken. Not one single Republican in either chamber voted for the $1.9 trillion relief package and both parties are bandying back and forth the thorny issue of the filibuster and what to do with it (or about it).

McConnell has never, ever supported progressive ideas. It’s against his very nature, and of course, he’s portraying the American Rescue Plan as some sort of nightmare. During the interview, he described the measure as a “left-wing wishlist,” and contended the Biden administration is trying to “turn America into Bernie Sanders’ view of what America ought to be.”

What? An America that has universal healthcare? Sanders has fought for banking reform and spoken out against billionaires who hoard their wealth while most Americans struggle. He’s everything McConnell is not. McConnell, who would rather grouse about Biden not including him.

At one point Hemmer asked when McConnell last spoke to Biden over the phone.

“I don’t believe I’ve spoken with him since he was sworn in,” he said. “We had a couple of conversations before then.”

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Here’s what McConnell had to say below.

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