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Stephen Miller Faces Backlash for Mean-Spirited Attack on Meghan and Harry, ‘It’s Not About You!’

Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Sunday, and that set the media afire because it revealed the level of racism the couple faced at the hands of the royal family and the British tabloids. That racism quite understandably led them to step away from official royal duties, but as this news was revealed, disgusting racists like Stephen Miller have crawled out of their sewers.

Miller, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump, himself a disgusting racist, is, of course, throwing his lot in with the racists, but then how is that even surprising?

In a pair of tweets he posted Monday, Miller chided the couple for criticizing members of the royal family, The Hill reports.

“Here’s the question Oprah should have asked Harry & Meghan: Isn’t the whole point of the royal family that it’s *not* about you but about your country? It’s about service to the UK and the Commonwealth,” Miller wrote.

In the follow-up tweet, he touched on his experiences meeting members of the royal family when Trump made an official visit while still President.

“During President Trump’s head of state visit to the UK, I had the privilege of getting to meet several members of the Royal Family,” he wrote. “They were unfailingly gracious & deeply committed to preserving the traditions and heritage of the UK.”

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But if the “royals” were gracious and “deeply committed” to preserving tradition, might this be because they are kindred spirits? Miller is about as white-privileged as a person gets, so how in the gefoodlehoppers would he even know if someone is racist?

In their interview with Winfrey, Meghan and Harry noted that race issues came up far too often, thanks to the UK’s tabloid press and the royal family. Meghan, who is biracial, even disclosed that at one point there were discussions within the royal family about how dark she and Harry’s son might be before Archie’s birth in 2019.

The situation was stressful enough for Meghan that she became suicidal at one point after she and Harry were married as scrutiny from the British tabloids intensified. This led her to seek help from “one of the most senior people” in order to obtain the mental health resources she needed, but, she said no such help was provided.

But as Occupy Democrats notes, that’s not all Meghan and Harry were forced to deal with. Some royal family members “allegedly said they didn’t want the child to be a prince or princess, presumably because he would be Black and the British monarchy has historically been white.

And Miller wasn’t the only obnoxiously racist conservative to weigh in. MAGA Pastor Shane Vaughn also weighed in, calling Markle a “Jezebel” and a “narcissist.” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk also chimed in to make weird references to Prince Harry’s sexual orientation.

Fortunately, plenty of people have also praised the couple for speaking out.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted Monday that President Biden believes it took “courage” for Meghan and Harry to discuss their experiences as members of the royal family.

“For anyone to come forward and speak about their own struggles with mental health and tell their own personal story, that takes courage,” Psaki said after a reporter asked her whether Biden and First Lady Jill Biden (who have a documented friendship with Prince Harry) had any thoughts about the interview.

“And that’s certainly something that the president believes, and he’s talked about the importance of investing in a lot of these areas that they’re committed to in the future as well,” Psaki added.

She didn’t offer further comment on Biden’s behalf and instead simply noted Meghan and Harry are now private citizens.

“These are private citizens sharing their own story and their own struggles.”

People like Stephen Miller need to crawl back to their sewers where they belong.

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