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Americans Slam Marjorie Taylor-Greene After She Films Disturbing Video of Her ‘Protecting’ Herself From Covid

Somehow, this video got by us two days ago and thus we’re here to assert our own outrage. After all, the internet has hardly gotten over it and its consequences. People are still talking about it.

Perhaps the average under-educated MAGA has no reason not to believe that the vaccine is bad for them. They never saw Trump get it, he did it in private, and barely mentioned getting it when having the chance. They hear conspiracy theories on plenty of websites and FOX has also fed the MAGA “hesitations” about the vaccine. Marjorie Taylor-Greene wants to feed into those MAGA beliefs and surely believes them herself. She likely thinks she is unstoppable and has nothing to fear from anything. It is almost criminally dangerous.

HuffPo brings us the basics:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene posted a series of tweets railing against the White House’s coronavirus efforts on Thursday. In them, the publicity-hungry conspiracy enthusiast promoted her latest proposal—dubbed the Fire Fauci Act and the We Will Not Comply Act—demanding that Dr. Anthony Fauci be fired and making it known that she wouldn’t comply with “vaccine passports” and would seek to make the unvaccinated a protected class from discrimination.

In one of her first tweets on the subject, Greene shared a video of herself working out—specifically, doing a variation of the clean-and-press in a superset with butterfly pull-ups.

Um, most importantly, she says it is her COVID “protection:”

Marj found a way to use her stupidity as a weapon. She likely doesn’t know that COVID actually can’t tell if she is in shape or not and that is especially true of the new variants that are now circulating. An article in the Washington Post yesterday noted that the Canadians have found the variants to be both far more contagious and more dangerous to younger people than the previous strain.

It was always dangerous to send this type of message, to the point that it was evil. But it is beyond that now because it is even more dangerous and the MAGAs have hardened their position. Many believe that it’s their duty to send an “anti-virtue signaling,” now Marjorie is just feeding it. We are not sure what lays beyond evil, we’re only sure that Marj found it.

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You can imagine how Twitter took it:

Peace, y’all
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