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George Clooney Offers George Floyd’s Family the Perfect Answer to Derek Chauvin’s Defense

Those of us who work during the day with the television in the background have had to watch minute-to-minute coverage of the Chauvin trial. It is exceedingly difficult to watch, a lot of tears. The only real benefit coming from the coverage has been the fact that if one has a daughter out of school due to Spring Break, she gets a lesson in criminal procedure, evidence, and trials in general.

Speaking of evidence, it is clear already that Chauvin’s defense is that Floyd had medications in his system that caused his respirations to lower such that it didn’t take a lot of pressure to cut off the oxygen supply to Floyd’s brain. The defense is absurd, given that Floyd is seen walking around normally prior to being taken down by Chauvin. The video stands for itself.

As we have previously reported, Chauvin is entitled to a defense but is exceedingly difficult to defend oneself when the entire crime is on video and thus they do the best they can with what they have. For that reason, we have heard quite a bit of cross-examination about the medications in George Floyd’s system.

George Clooney is not a lawyer, but he’s married to one, and he’s come up with a great idea (not legal) for Chauvin to prove his case, that it must have been the drugs.

Ben Crump, the lawyer for George Floyd’s family, told the hosts of The View that George Clooney suggested Derek Chauvin “get down on the floor” and let someone kneel on his neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds — if he is so confident that external factors ultimately ended Floyd’s life.

We suspect that such a demonstration would be prohibited as non-probative under the Federal Rules of Evidence, but it’s the thought that counts. Unlike the O.J. trying on the glove, we don’t suspect that Chauvin will take a shot at it.

Peace, y’all
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