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Liz Cheney Leaves Fox News Literally Speechless with an Unapologetic and Simple Three Word Answer

We cannot possibly make this clear enough, Liz Cheney would – left to her own devices – cancel damn near every social program ever created by the federal government, slash taxes on the rich, push half the money set aside for Medicare and Medicaid to the military-industrial complex, cut all environmental regulations, declare global warming a hoax, all of it and more. She is a Cheney and that means she’s no moderate, she’s an extremist, and – perhaps, the furthest thing from a “RINO” in Congress. She is no friend to the Democrats.

But there is one thing upon which we can agree. She is not a Trumper, she is not a MAGA. When it comes to Trump himself, personally, her passionate disgust rivals ours. She sees him as dangerous as we do.

It is not hard to figure out why she can maintain her independence. She is a Cheney. Her name carries powerful weight with the people that matter in the GOP. No, not the MAGAs, no, not Trump, we are talking about money, the donors. We are talking petroleum companies, extraction companies, banking interests, and any other sector subject to federal regulation. If the voters of Wyoming vote her out, she’ll only become more powerful as a lobbyist to whom lawmakers must listen and must act.

If more Republican politicians had her independence, had her power, had her name upon which to fall back, we would see more Republicans actively opposing Trump. But that’s the entire point. There are very few that do. Romney can tell Trump to go to hell and not care what happens next. He has more money than Trump and Utah won’t vote Romney out. Perhaps Mitch McConnell is powerful enough to go pound for pound with Trump, especially after just having won. But he still must maintain his minority leadership position. He’s gotta be a bit careful. There might be a few others, Kinzinger, but in terms of “names,” that’s pretty much the list.

Given Cheney’s ultra-unique independence, it is comical when it is on display at Fox. To say that the Foxians aren’t used to hearing opposition to Trump is to abuse the English language with understatement. Moreover, if Fox ever hears some opposition to Trump, it’s almost always backed up by some equivocation, something positive, something to ameliorate it somehow.

Cheney’s unapologetic and unequivocal opposition to Trump literally leaves the anchor speechless. Watch:

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So funny.

And as wonderful as it is to watch, do remember, she is not your friend.

Peace, y’all
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